10 Reasons Why People Avoid Home Budgeting

Why is TODAY Such A Bad Day to Start or Tackle your Home Budget?

Here are the Top 10 reasons:

1. Fear that a budget will take away your freedom

2. Fear that doing a budget will reveal how bad things are and you would rather NOT know

3. Fear that you will have to give up things you like doing

4. You’re just too busy – Lack of time

5. You think budgeting is not possible because your income varies

6. You think that budgeting requires ongoing and boring record keeping

7. You just couldn’t be bothered – not in enough pain to do something about it even though you’re not happy

8. Too hard, like trying to give up smoking or drinking

9. Fear of revealing your addictions and bad habits

10. Relationship reasons – It’s just too hard to talk about money

You Will Notice All The Reasons Are Driven by Negative Emotions


Which Some People Say Is An Acronym For.....

When I first started out on this journey I would tell everyone I met that I did household budgets for people. Invariably they would respond saying they should get me to do one for them as well, but the moment I suggested making an appointment they would back away quickly, making excuses and saying there would be a better time AFTER some event or situation passed. They wanted the benefit but fear held them back.

I Was Amazed Because My

None of the 10 Reasons Above Were Valid!

Yes, it may have revealed there was a problem, but invariably things got better once we knew what the problem looked like. Only then could we put a plan in place to fix what needed fixing.

Once we had crossed that barrier it led to positive outcomes and positive emotions.

The fear transformed into...

So, the first step is to overcome fear and take stock of where you are. Let’s face it, not knowing a tsunami is coming might feel good until it hits but it would be a lot better outcome if you knew it was coming!


Predicts the Future and Shows you HOW to Pay your Expenses

You need a Spending Plan!

A Spending Plan Mentor guides you through the simple steps of finding out your current financial health. You can’t fix something until you know what is actually wrong! A mentor also teaches you HOW to prevent a financial tsunami in the future and HOW to save for the things you want the most. 

Take the Plunge and Start

So, now you know the reasons why people are afraid to take the plunge and start their personal budget – because it is broken. I would like your help you create a Spending Plan.

If you are someone who had one (or more) of the above reasons why you were avoiding doing your personal budget, I invite you to overcome your fear.   Be curious and learn more about the Spending Plan system. Contact a Spending Plan Mentor today!


“Leaving behind traditional budgeting and creating a spending plan has definitely been liberating to me. No more wasted time tracking my past spending. Now I invest very little time planning my future spending (quick and easy with Spending Plan software) yet reaping many financial rewards. I have enjoyed financial peace of mind for over 15+ years. Knowing the money will be waiting for my bills due date, rather than my bills waiting for me to find the money – is liberating & stress-free! I now have savings for irregular expenses, unexpected expenses, future replacement expenses, holidays, and retirement, etc, all because of my spending plan. It is definitely liberating! I love teaching others HOW to have the same financial peace of mind.”   – Sherri Dumbrell 

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