2nd Expense Type: Regular, Recurring Expenses

Non-Weekly Repeating Predictable Expenses – (otherwise known as ‘Bills’)
This will be your primary bank account where all your finances originate from.
These fall into two groups:
  • Group ONE:
Rent, Electricity, Telephone, Rates, Insurance, Planned Gifts, Regular Donations, Vehicle Registration, Memberships, Children’s Lessons, Dentist, Gifts, Education, and other similar expenses.

I enter ALL expenses in the BILLS account, except for those of course in the FFFI.

  • Group TWO:
Mortgage(s) and / or Loan Repayments

These are payments or expenses you can reasonably predict into the future:

You know how much they usually cost with reasonable accuracy, or, if you don’t know how much they usually cost, you can nominate an amount that will work for you.

You know how often they fall due within a yearly cycle

You know when they will occur next

If you do not know these three facts about an expense it does not belong in this list.
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