6th Expense Type: Once in a Lifetime Occurrences

There are SIX (6) ways we all spend our money.


The Six Expense Types are grouped according to the time cycles your expenses fall due on.



These also fall into two groups:

Group ONE:

Larger Life Goals: These are bigger events you want to make happen, and you have a time frame in mind. For example, retirement, an overseas holiday, big dreams and desires.

Group TWO:

Unpredictable larger expenses: These are expenses that you don’t really know when or even if they will occur, but you need to be prepared for them just in case. For example, a major car repair bill, a child’s future university education, a medical emergency, a child’s wedding, and similar.

Where To Keep This Money

Talk to a financial planner for investment/retirement advice. Your Spending Planner may be able to connect you with someone if you do not have one.

For other big goals that do not fall under the retirement or investment banner use our spending plan to plan and track this money by setting up separate accounts under your savings list. This will keep this money easily identifiable.

Time to get our head-out-of-the-sand and be honest with ALL the six (6) ways YOU spend money. Then create a plan (Spending Plan) to be prepared for all these expenses.

The Spending Planner (software) goes beyond budgeting. Adding the missing dimension of TIMING!

Want to learn how to organize and manage the six expense types?

The ANSWER is creating a Spending Plan in the Spending Planner software.

Should you want to learn more by listening, you may checkout my Podcast episode about this Expense Type:
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