Benefits of working with a Spending Planner

You will not waste your money on the Spending Plan service and not use it, like other purchases you have made in the past.

Your Spending Planner will help unify you and your spouse/partner (compromises).

Your Spending Planner will teach you the truth if you are sabotaging your plan.

Your Spending Planner will motivate you to get the full benefit of the service.

Your Spending Planner genuinely wants you to become the master of your money.

Your Spending Planner will contact you weekly or more to keep you on task.

If you are struggling with a step she will ‘hold your hand’ through it.

The passion your Spending Planner has is contagious and will lead you to success.

You will be taught financial literacy, through repetition, during mentoring sessions.

Acting upon the financial literacy learned will result in making better spending choices.

Full training on the Spending Planner software.

Software support 6 am – 9 pm 6 days a week.  Quick response time.

Staying focused on your goals.  Your Planner will help you set S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Your goals become your Spending Planners goals.

Regularly discussion and progress reporting on your goals.

Weekly accountability of living your Spending Plan (Target vs. Actual balances).

Weekly report to be filled in on how well you lived your plan the past week.

Your Spending Planner will celebrate any WINS (Savings) you had each week.

Your Spending Planner will have you learn the lessons needed from not keeping to your plan the past week but then focus you on the future week and motivate you to do better.

During bad spending week, you will be reminded of past successes to encourage.

Your Spending Planner will constantly remind you of your potential and who you want to become!

Friendly reminders (and sometime pushes) to keep you on task with the weekly goals you have set from the previous mentoring session.

Your Spending Planner will not allow you to procrastinate over and over again the task YOU chose to accomplish.

Your Spending Planner will not allow you to keep making excUses to yourself and her.

You will be made aware when you are sabotaging your own efforts and goals.

Life does happen but if your ox is in the mire (excuses) every week (not accomplish your tasks) then SELL the ox and fill in the mire.  Your planner will help you re-commit.

Your Spending Planner will make you accountable to your goals which is the glue that ties commitment to results.

You will finally succeed in managing your money much better with your Spending Planner.  You are not on this journey alone!

Your Spending Planner will become a good friend.

Your Spending Planner will change your financial life to one of peace and choices!