Personal Finances VS Business Finances

Business owners have a double need to have a good money management system for:
#1 Personal Finances
#2 Business Finances  
Ensuring both work harmoniously together can be a challenge for many business owners, especially if you use a traditional budgeting system or even an Excel spreadsheet.  Both of these lack vital missing information to show you your full financial status today and in the future.  An innovative and proven Spending Plan is the answer!
Both your business and personal life has a LIFE-Style.
LIFE costs are essential basic costs required to run your business/sustain your personal life 
STYLE costs are wants and luxury expenses for your business or personal life
Need versus Wants are easy to determine if you have a loved one who needs a life saving surgery and you need to save cash for it.  What expenses (wants) would you eliminate temporarily?  Needs are the expenses that sustain YOUR life and are essential.
I regularly see many business owner costs that are Style, yet they see them as business LIFE costs and are overspending.  This mindset only results from a sense of entitlement, head in the sand mentality which adds extreme stress to their personal finances.
As a business owner, do you know the exact $ dollar amount required for the targets below?
1.  What are the LIFE (essential) costs of my personal life?
2.  What are the STYLE (want) costs of my personal life?
3.  What are the LIFE (essential) costs of my business?
4.  What are the STYLE (want) costs of my business?
Knowing the exact amounts for these questions are vital to have 100% financial clarity and financial peace in your life.

Business and personal finances should be managed separately.  The only reason they interact is when your business pays yourself a predetermined regular wage.  

Neither business or personal bank accounts should be a cookie jar for the other.  Separate finances bring clarity and make it easy to be honest and accountable with your money. Financial honesty is the key to financial peace and freedom in your personal and business life.

A Spending Plan is your Answer!  The Spending Planner software is a cashflow system that gives 100% clarity and future vision of all your finances. How would you like to have a crystal ball and GPS of your future spending for both your business and personal life?

Having a Spending Plan for your personal finances makes it 100% clear HOW MUCH you need to pay yourself from your business regularly.  This determines what your Style of life will be.

Having a Spending Plan for your business finances makes it 100% CLEAR HOW MUCH income you need to make each week to ensure all your business expenses are covered, AS WELL as paying yourself a regular wage for your personal LIFE costs and STYLE.

I love my Spending Plans for both my personal and business.  I stopped traditional budgeting 19 years ago and now have 100% clarity and financial peace.  Our buried dreams have been resurrected and achieved!  I always know if I am in the right place (correct bank balance) today and also the next 12+ months to ensure ALL my business and personal planned expenses and unexpected expenses will be covered.

Now that is true financial peace!  My finances are a trustworthy silent partner now.

Financial honesty in both my business and personal life is exquisitely sweet and peaceful.

 Are you being 100% honest in your financial life(s)?
There is great hope with an innovative and proven Spending Plan.  Be curious today!
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