Module 1INTRO Course: 1 - Money Stress to Money Success
Unit 1WELCOME to the Road to Financial Peace
Unit 2What is a Budget?
Unit 3Why People Avoid Budgeting
Unit 4What is a Spending Plan?
Unit 5Past VS Future Spending
Unit 6Possible VS How
Unit 7The Vital 3rd Dimension
Unit 8You Need A Spending Planner
Unit 9Essential Spending Planner To The Rescue
Unit 10A Spending Plan is the Answer
Unit 11Common Money Pitfalls - What are yours?
Unit 12Truth & Honesty About Your Money
Module 2INTRO Course: 2 - Embark a Financial Journey
Unit 1My Financial Journey
Unit 2Financial Plan Foundations
Unit 3Multiply Your Time & Money
Module 33 - READY-SET-GO: Preparation for 1st Spending Plan Workshop
Unit 1I want financial peace too!
Unit 2Your Spending Plan Journey (GPS): How Course Works
Unit 3READY-SET-GO!! Your Preparations BEFORE the 1st Workshop
Unit 4Getting to Know You Questionnaire
Unit 5Your Current Financial Wheel Worksheet
Unit 6Current Bank Account Structure Worksheet
Unit 7Expense Types Worksheet - How You Spend Your Money
Unit 8Prioritising Your Spending - Expense Worksheet
Unit 9Book a READY-SET-GO Video Review
Unit 10Financial Fitness Check Up Questionnaire
Unit 11Your Money Habitudes Game (partner too!)
Unit 12What is your WHY? S.M.A.R.T. Goals Worksheet
Unit 13RSVP to a 'Get READY-SET-GO' Webinar
Module 44 - Effective Bank Account Structure
Unit 1The Six Expense Types
Unit 2Effective Bank Account Structure
Unit 3The Three Pigs Account Analogy
Unit 4Organize Your Effective Bank Structure
Unit 5Nuts and Bolts VS. Six Types of Spending
Unit 6Weekly Expenses
Unit 7Regular Predictable Bills (expenses)
Unit 8Purchase Things
Unit 9Repair Things
Unit 10Replace Things
Unit 11Once in a Lifetime Occurrences
Unit 12Optional Credit Card (not used as credit)
Unit 13Spending Planner Software: Time to GET STARTED!
Unit 14Spending Planner Software SIGN IN and SETTINGS (Login Instructions)
Unit 15Account List
Unit 16Setting Up Your Spending Plan Accounts
Unit 17SET UP & PAY for your Spending Planner Software SUBSCRIPTION
Module 55 - Spending Planner Software Overview
Unit 1Spending Planner Software Menu
Unit 2Sign In & Settings (Login Instructions to Spending Planner Software)
Unit 3Dashboard
Unit 4Account List
Unit 5Transactions
Unit 6Calendar
Unit 7Categories
Unit 8Assets
Unit 9Location
Unit 10Loan Calculator
Unit 11Spending Planner REPORTS
Module 66 - Life Costs: 1st Spending Plan
Unit 1Virtual 1st > Reality 2nd
Unit 2LIFE - Style Truths
Unit 3Self Entitlement
Unit 4What Are Essential Expenses?
Unit 5Enter 'Essential' Expenses (Transactions) ONLY
Unit 6Understanding Transaction Types
Unit 7Preparing For Your 1st Spending Plan
Unit 8Display Plan - Your Crystal Ball & GPS
Unit 9Book an Mentoring Session
Unit 10Using a Credit Card as a Debit Card (points) *UNABLE TO PLAY VIDEO
Module 77 - Plugging the Leaks in Your Spending
Unit 1Reducing Your Essential Costs
Unit 2Renegotiate Your Bills
Unit 3Create a Meal Plan
Unit 42 Steps Forward - 1 Step Back
Unit 5Reject Spending Money On Normal Things
Unit 6Your Possessions
Module 88 - Stop the Debt Cycle and SAVE!
Unit 1Spending Priority with CONSUMER DEBT
Unit 2Be Prepared, Not Scared or Stressed
Unit 3Big Bad Wolf Account - Financial Peace
Unit 4Pay Off Debt
Unit 5Dave Ramsey's Baby Step 2 - Get out of debt!
Unit 6Snowball VS Avalanche Methods
Unit 7Long Term Savings Account
Unit 8Emergency Fund
Unit 9Savings Account - "Really Wants"
Unit 10Compounding Interest Explained
Unit 11Don't Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford
Unit 12Can I Invest My Savings?
Module 99 - Your Perfect Spending Plan: Life+Style
Unit 1Prioritise Your Spending - A New Beginning
Unit 2Enter All Remaining Expenses
Unit 3Long Term Savings (Replacements) Expenses
Unit 4Balancing Your Spending Plan - See Your Perfect Spending Year
Unit 5REVIEW: Understanding Display Plan
Unit 6Mirror Your Account Balances: Time For Reality
Unit 7Go LIVE with your Spending Plan!
Unit 8Have an Alpaca Attitude
Unit 9Don't Use This One Word
Module 1010 - Living Your Spending Plan
Unit 1Phase 2 Begins
Unit 2Roll Your Plan Forward: Transactions Due
Unit 3Accountability: Spending Plan Weekly Monitoring
Unit 4Following Your Spending Plan (old video but relevant)
Unit 5REVIEW: Understanding Display Plan
Unit 6Dream Scenarios: Can I Afford This?
Unit 7You Made It !!
Module 1111 - Support & Accountability
Unit 1Software Proficiency
Unit 2Schedule Support Session with Sherri
Unit 3Accountability: Weekly Report
Unit 4On Demand Support
Unit 5Teach Your Children About Money Truths
Module 1212 - Money Mindset Lessons
Unit 1Introduction: Financial Freedom is a Choice, Not a Gift
Unit 2Lesson 1: Financial Freedom is a Choice
Unit 3Lesson 2: Needs VS Wants
Unit 4Lesson 3: Let's get really clear on your really wants
Unit 5Lesson 4: Long Term Thinking Will Either Make Or Break You
Unit 6Lesson 5: The Choice is Yours
Module 13Software Tips
Unit 1Start Dates and End Dates
Unit 2When FFFI expenses are different every week
Unit 3How to Record FFFI Account Expenses that are not Spent
Unit 4Enter Real Transaction Amounts Rather Than Averaged Ones
Unit 5Irregular Transactions
Unit 6Periodic Payments or Installments
Unit 7When Transactions Do Not Occur as or When Expected
Unit 8Rebuild Spending Plan
Unit 9Data Security
Unit 10Credit Card Interest Calculations
Unit 11Credit Card Tutorial Video (No Permission from VIMEO)
Module 14VIDEO INDEX: Spending Planner Software Training
Unit 1OVERVIEW: Spending Plan Overview Steps
Unit 2A Spending Plan is the Answer
Unit 3Spending Planning
Unit 4SOFTWARE MENU VIDEOS (2 min each): Sign-in and Settings
Unit 5Dashboard
Unit 6Account List
Unit 7Transactions
Unit 8Calendar
Unit 9Categories
Unit 10Assets
Unit 11Location
Unit 12Loan Calculator
Unit 13BANK ACCOUNT STRUCTURE: The Six Expense Types
Unit 14Bank Account Structure
Unit 15The Three Pigs Account Analogy
Unit 16Current Bank Account Structure Worksheet
Unit 17Setting Up Accounts (Credit Cards and Loans)
Unit 18How to Delete an Account
Unit 19The Power Of Leverage - Bills
Unit 20CREATING YOUR PLAN: All Expenses Worksheet
Unit 21Prioritise Your Spending
Unit 22Entering Transactions - Expenses
Unit 23Understanding Transfers: Transaction Types
Unit 24Common Mistakes When Entering Transactions
Unit 25Preparing For Your 1st Spending Plan
Unit 26Display Plan - Your Crystal Ball
Unit 27Long Term Savings Account
Unit 28Budget VS Spending Plan: #7 Ways to Balance Plan
Unit 29LIVING YOUR PLAN: Phase 2 Begins - Live Your Spending Plan
Unit 30Following Your Spending Plan: Your Financial GPS
Unit 31Roll Your Plan Forward: Transactions Due
Unit 32Accountability: Weekly (Report) Monitoring Routine
Unit 33Dream Scenarios: Can I Afford This?
Unit 34Credit Card Tutorial (Unable to Transfer Video)
Unit 35Different ACTUAL spending amount of a PLANNED expense or income
Module 15VIDEO INDEX; Enrichment Resources
Unit 1Your Financial Planning Triangle
Unit 2Common Money Pitfalls - What are yours?
Unit 3Benefits of a Spending Plan
Unit 4Money and Marriage: How to budget with your reluctant spouse
Unit 5Truth & Honesty About Your Money
Unit 6How To Multiply Your Time - TedX
Unit 7Time Management Webinar - How To Multiply Your Time
Unit 8Renegotiate Your Bills
Unit 9Complaining About Money Is Making You Poor
Unit 10Why Entitled People Are Always Poor
Unit 11Why You Should Reject Spending Money of Normal Things
Unit 12How To Pay Off Debt Faster: Snowball or Avalanche Method
Unit 13How To Stop Buying Stuff You Don't Actually Want
Unit 14What a 4 Year Old Taught Me About Dreams & Money
Unit 15How To Stick To Your Plan - Never Use This One Word
Unit 16DOGumentary - Credit Cards
Unit 17Credit Card Debt Explained
Unit 18Compounding Interest Explained
Unit 19Dave Ramsey's Baby Step 2 - Get out of debt!
Unit 20Teach Your Children About Money Truths
Unit 2119 Year Old Buys 1st Home (No help from single Mum)
Unit 22Have an Alpaca Attitude About Your Spending Plan
Unit 23The One Thing - Time Management
Unit 24Don't Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford
Unit 25Basic Financial Terminologies
Module 16Spending Plan Courses and Services
Unit 1Pay it Forward
Unit 2Spending Plan Courses
Unit 3Spending Plan Memberships
Unit 4Spending Plan Services
Unit 5Kids N' Money: A Parent's Guide
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