START HERE: 4 Week ‘Essentials’ Spending Plan Course

Module 1A Financial Journey
Unit 1My Financial Journey
Unit 2Financial Plan Foundations
Unit 3Getting to Know You Questionnaire
Unit 4Financial Fitness Questionnaire
Module 2Money Stress to Money Success
Unit 1What is a Budget?
Unit 2Common Money Pitfalls - What are yours?
Unit 3A Spending Plan is the Answer
Unit 4Essential Spending Planner To The Rescue
Unit 5You Need A Spending Planner
Unit 6The Vital 3rd Dimension
Unit 7Possible VS How
Unit 8Past VS Future Spending
Unit 9What is a Spending Plan?
Unit 10Report: Why Budgeting Is Broken
Unit 11Why People Avoid Budgeting
Unit 12#25 Money Truths ebook - Financial Flabbiness to Fit
Unit 13What is your WHY?
Unit 14Benefits of a Spending Plan
Unit 15Testimonials - Happy Spenders
Unit 16I want financial peace too!
Module 3Course Resources - DOWNLOAD and/or PRINT
Unit 2Course Checklist
Unit 3Financial Wheel
Unit 4S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting
Unit 5Six Expense Types
Unit 6Six Expense Types & Bank Accounts
Unit 7** PRIORITY: Current Bank Account Structure Worksheet & VIDEO (Preparation for 1st Workshop)
Unit 8ESP Bank Structure
Unit 9** PRIORITY: Expense Types Worksheet & VIDEO - How You Spend Your Money (Preparations for 2nd Workshop)
Unit 10Prioritising Your Spending (VIDEO) - Expense Worksheet
Unit 11Transaction Types
Unit 12Common Mistakes When Entering Transactions
Unit 13Spending Plan Weekly Monitoring
Unit 14Get Out of Debt & Save then Spend (VIDEO)
Unit 15Spending Priority
Unit 16Handout: Spending Plan Presentation
Module 4Spending Planner Software Videos
Unit 1Sneak Peek!! - Spending Planner Software
Unit 2Workshop #1 Recording: Six Expense Types & Effective Bank Structure
Unit 3Workshop #2 Recording: Create Your Spending Plan
Unit 4Workshop #3 Recording: Your Perfect Spending Year
Unit 5Workshop #4 Recording - Living Your Spending Plan
Unit 6SOFTWARE MENU VIDEOS (2 min each): Sign-in and Settings
Unit 7MENU: Dashboard
Unit 8MENU: Account List
Unit 9MENU: Transactions
Unit 10MENU: Calendar
Unit 11MENU: Categories
Unit 12MENU: Assets
Unit 13MENU: Location
Unit 14MENU: Loan Calculator
Module 5BONUS: Money Mindset Lessons
Unit 1Lessons Video Introduction
Unit 2Introduction: Financial Freedom is a Choice, Not a Gift
Unit 3Lesson 1: Financial Freedom is a Choice
Unit 4Lesson 1: Worksheet
Unit 5Lesson 2: Needs VS Wants
Unit 6Lesson 2: Worksheet
Unit 7Lesson 3: Let's get really clear on your really wants
Unit 8Lesson 3: Worksheet
Unit 9Lesson 4: Long Term Thinking Will Either Make Or Break You
Unit 10Lesson 4: Worksheet
Unit 11Lesson 5: The Choice is Yours
Unit 12Lesson 5: Worksheet
Module 6Mentoring with Sherri
Unit 1Loom Video REVIEW #1 (after 2nd Workshop)
Unit 2Loom Video REVIEW #2 (after 4th Workshop)
Unit 31st 30-Minute Session with Sherri (after 2nd Workshop)
Unit 42nd 30-Minute Session with Sherri (after 4th Workshop)
Module 7Spending Plan UPGRADE Services
Unit 1Upgrade Spending Plan Services
Unit 28 Week Group (1:1) Spending Plan Course Schedule
Unit 38 Week Spending Plan Course Checklist
Essential Spending Planner