INTRO: A Spending Plan to Financial Peace

Module 1A Financial Journey
Unit 1My Financial Journey
Unit 2Your Financial Journey
Unit 3Financial Plan Foundations
Module 2Money Stress to Money Success
Unit 1What is a Budget?
Unit 2Why People Avoid Budgeting
Unit 3Report: Why Budgeting Is Broken
Unit 4What is a Spending Plan?
Unit 5Past VS Future Spending
Unit 6Possible VS How
Unit 7The Vital 3rd Dimension
Unit 8You Need A Spending Planner
Unit 9Essential Spending Planner To The Rescue
Unit 10A Spending Plan is the Answer
Unit 11Sneak Peek!! - Spending Planner Software
Unit 12Common Money Pitfalls - What are yours?
Unit 13What is your WHY?
Module 3The Spending Plan Journey Begins Here
Unit 1I want financial peace too!
Unit 2Financial Fitness Check Up (questionnaire)
Unit 3#25 Money Truths ebook - Financial Flabbiness to Fit
Unit 4Complimentary Money Chat Session with Sherri via Zoom (30 minute)
Unit 5Benefits of a Spending Plan
Unit 6Testimonials - Happy Spenders
Module 4Spending Plan Courses and Services
Unit 1Spending Plan Services
Unit 2Spending Plan Courses
Unit 3Spending Plan Memberships
Unit 4Kids N' Money: A Parent's Guide
Module 5BONUS: Money Mindset Lessons
Unit 1Introduction: Financial Freedom is a Choice, Not a Gift
Unit 2Lesson 1: Financial Freedom is a Choice
Unit 3Lesson 2: Needs VS Wants
Unit 4Lesson 3: Let's get really clear on your really wants
Unit 5Lesson 4: Long Term Thinking Will Either Make Or Break You
Unit 6Lesson 5: The Choice is Yours
Essential Spending Planner