Goodbye Money Stress

How Would It Feel To Have All Your Expenses Covered While Spending Less Than  Five Minutes A  Week On Managing Your Finances?

Having a spending plan not only gives you the certainty that all your bills will be paid on time… It also sets you free from the time-consuming, stressful, tedious record-keeping that budgeting has you doing.

Do you know what record keeping really is? Record keeping is the art of obsessing about the past.

Think about it this way. Say you had $1500 in your account last week, and now you have $1000. Does it make any difference whatsoever whether you spent those $500 on groceries or on golf equipment? No, it doesn’t.

What does matter? The balance you have in your account today. The balance you’ll have in your account tomorrow. That’s what matters!

Once you have a spending plan you can predict what those numbers will be (the ‘right’ bank balance for any day of the year)… and make sure you meet all your needs and goals using what you have.

Isn’t that a huge relief?

You can let go of the past — it doesn’t matter anymore.

Instead of spending hours updating your budget, all you have to do is follow a spending plan that takes into account your income and all your expenses for the next twelve months.

And That Only Takes 5 Minutes A Week!

Here’s how you do it: Find today’s date on your plan and see what your target is. Then go online and check your bank balance and compare the two.

  • If you have more than the target — you can do whatever you like with the surplus (provided all the transactions in the plan are accounted for).
  • If you have less, the shortfall has to be made up. (As you’ve seen – It’s easy to do when you know six, seven, or ten months ahead of time that you’ll be missing a few dollars.)
  • And of course, if your current balance is the same as your target balance — then all is fine.

No matter how long you’ve been struggling with money – months, years, even decades – this system can put an end to your struggles and money stress in no time.

You Deserve A Life With Less Stress

If you feel you could probably manage your money a bit better… If you don’t have a plan for the next twelve months and have not checked your “missing number” yet… Or if you still spend more than 5 minutes a week handling your finances…

Then I urge you to have a Certified Spending Planner (Sherri Dumbrell) set a spending plan up for you.

It has changed the life of over 30,000 people, and it will change yours too.

Just ask yourself how you would feel if you could sleep like a baby again… Wake up relaxed… And know that all your finances are taken care of. You could finally afford that new house… New car… Pay back your debt… Or anything else that catches your fancy.

Contact Sherri Dumbrell @ Essential Spending Planner today.

Here’s to your success and freedom!

Best wishes,

David Wright, creator of the Spending Planner Institute

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