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who want to better manage their personal finances with ease.  Who want to go from money stress to money success.

There are two types of spenders:

#1 Impulsive Fleeting Happy Spenders

#2 Thoughtful Lasting Happy Spenders

One plans their spending (peace of mind), the other does not (stress).

Spend with a purpose by planning your spending to get what you ‘really want’. The results are eliminate your debt, and increase your savings much faster, and know all your bills will be covered for the next 12 months. See your perfect spending year

 – Have a Plan!

• Do you feel that your finances could improve, but your current budgeting system (or lack of) is stopping you from achieving your financial goals?

• Are you living paycheck to paycheck with little or no savings and debt?

• Do you feel frustrated with traditional budgeting (restricting & record keeping)?

• Do you need to improve your mindset around your money and spending?

• Would you like to learn a true money mindset and proven tools that will eliminate your money stress?

• Are you good with money, yet just want to do even better?

• Are you curious how others achieve financial peace?

If you resonate with the above description this course is for you!

It’s about time to talk honestly and openly about money stresses and how to avoid them. There is no shame or judgement. We were not taught about money at school, so it’s not your fault if you are bad or just OK with money. You just don’t know what you don’t know.

Financial literacy is empowering and liberating!

Choose to start your financial freedom literacy journey t

Topics Covered

Course Outcomes

Course Schedule

  • Financial Plan Foundations
  • Why People Avoid Budeting
  • What is a Spending Plan
  • The Vital 3rd Dimension
  • A spending Plan is the Answer
  • Benefit of a Spending Plan
  • Sneek Peak MY Spending Plan
  • Money Mindset lesseon
  • My Spending Plan Courses and Services
  • Understanding the difference between Budget and Spending Plan
  • Needs vs. Wants vs. Really Wants
  • Getting Real clear on what your really wants are
  • Thinking Long Term
  • Know your money truth
  • 100% financial clarity
  • 100% honest to yourself and others
  • Protect your money from YOU!
  • Create a Spending Plan
  • Prioritize your spending
  • Automate your bills
  • Eliminate consumer debt
  • Plan for the unexpected expenses
  • Plan for long term expenses (replacements)
  • Live your plan with accountability
  • Unify relationships
  • Achieve Financial Peace
  • Become a Happy Spender
  • Commences Anytime!
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