My Pillars and Promises

(My commitment to your Financial Life and Future)

My Business Pillars -

Many people live with financial stress which leads to poor mental health, poor physical health, and most of all not achieving their financial dreams.  They are financially UNHAPPY.

Are you CONFUSED why budgeting doesn’t work?  Are you confused why your bank statements or bank balances don’t tell you your “safety spend” amount?

We were not taught about financial literacy at school.  Money is easy if you know the truth about it.  Money truths will bring heightened AWARENESS about your truth.

Awareness leads to being ENGAGED in searching and using a money management systems that shows you your money truth.  No more guessing with a budget.

Seeing your money truth EMPOWERS you to get your head-out-of-the-sand and be 100% honest with your finances.  Plus empowers you to resurrect buried dreams.

Financial PEACE comes quickly when you know your money truth and are honest in your spending, plus with your partner, children, collegeagues, and peers.

Using a proven money management system (Spending Planner), knowing your money truth, being honest and following that truth will bring financial success quickly.  You will then be a HAPPY SPENDER, one who PLANS > SAVES > SPENDS!

At Essential Spending Planner, we teach and support you to go quickly from MONEY STRESS to MONEY SUCCESS.  Whatever pillar you are at, the Spending Plan is the Answer and the next step to financial peace!


And this, I promise

To teach you to PROTECT your money from YOU!  An effective bank structure which plans for the six (6) types of expenses which help you to be honest in what your lifestyle really costs.  

There are NEEDS vs WANTS vs REALLY WANTS.  PRIORITIZING your spending is vital to do first things first.  Ensuring your essential costs are covered first is vital.  Next is to pay off old debts.  Then save for your really wants.

Having a PLAN for your future spending is liberating.  Give every dollar a job otherwise it will got ‘walkabout’, as we say in Australia.  A Spending Plan is a proven way to ensure all six (6) expense types are prioritized, which includes your really wants.

Financial PEACE of mind is a result of planning your spending.  Knowing all your expenses (planned and unexpected) are covered for the next 12+ months brings 100% financial peace.  This is achieved by knowing your money truth, having a Spending Plan, and being honest in following that plan.

At Essential Spending Plan, we support you in PROTECTING, PRIORITIZING, PLANNING, and celebrating your financial PEACE!,

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