Affordable Spending Plan


Do-It-Yourself Spending Planner access and training. Gain access to the Spending Planner Software - only available through a Certified Spending Planner. Also, includes video training of the software and vital mindset in the Spending Planner Online Course. Includes two mentoring sessions.

8-Week Fast Track

This mentoring service is one-on-one mentoring designed for people who are self-disciplined and committed to allocating 2+ hours per week over 8 weeks to create, balance, fine-tune, and live their Spending Plan. Includes access to software, online course, and a weekly 1-hour mentoring session to train, support, motivate, and receive vital accountability to ensure REAL CHANGE & REAL RESULTS QUICKLY.

6-12 Month Program
(Best Value)

This is the most popular service. Unlimited mentoring, training, and support for six-months to 12 months to create, balance, fine-tune, and receive vital accountability to live your spending plan and finally achieve your financial goals.

On Demand Mentoring

If you choose the DIY or 8-week services on-demand mentoring sessions are available for additional training and support when needed. You may also want to continue with our support after the 6-month program for vital accountability.

Essential Money Talks Event

Choose to attend an event OR invite family and friends into your home or venue, along with Sherri. Enjoy an informative FREE 90-minute presentation and demonstration of the many benefits of a Spending Plan. Plus, leave with a heightened awareness of your spending and many tips to better manage your money immediately.

On Demand Mentoring

If you choose one of the services above, AFTER completing the service you may choose to have additional training, support, and vital accountability when needed., on demand. Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results!

Money Chat & Information

Schedule a Money Chat with Sherri to learn better how you can benefit from having a Spending Plan. Receive all the information you need to decide if a Spending Plan is a good fit for you. The Money Chat will be the best
1-hour investment you have made!

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