A Spending Plan
is the answer
to your money stress!

~~ Finally a money management system that works ~~

Financial peace is a CHOICE, not a gift!

What do we offer

We offer very personalized services that will result in real change and real results.  We are there to educate, train, support, motivate, and celebrate with you.  We are passionate about giving genuine and valuable customer service.

Financial Literacy

Unfortunately you were not taught about money at school. It is time to learn the truth about money. Knowledge is power!

Personal Mentoring

Regular one-on-one educating and training sessions that will ensure your success with money. You will be supported every step of the way to financial peace of mind.

A Proven Money Tool

The Spending Planner Software tool will change the way you look at your finances. You will have 100% clarity of your current and future financial health. A Spending Plan works!

Our Mission

We are educators of basic financial literacy. KNOW the basic truths about money and NO more money stress!

With a proven tool used by over 30K+ people and personally used for 17 years we are passionate to empower people to achieve their dreams.

Customer Service 100%

We dedicate ourselves in giving superior customer service.  With the vast amounts of information available today, knowing how to implement it can be a challenge.  A Spending Planner holds your hands through the easy step-by-step process to financial peace of mind.  You will be supported every step of the way as you create and live your Spending Plan.  

Sherri's Happy Spenders


"I would totally recommend you speaking with Sherri about creating your own Spending Plan. At first I was a little nervous and uncomfortable in letting someone into our financial matters but after going through it with Sherri, it showed me a way better way than I had been doing previously. It showed me we would have money to pay all our bills with no stress for the next 12 months."
Josh White
New parents with dreams
"Having gone through our usual financial 'black hole' time of Christmas and Back-to-school, it was fantastic to know that money was allocated already in our bills account and I didn't need to worry about where it was going to come from. It was so much less stressful this year due to having a SPENDING PLAN. We learned new things to add for the next year to make that time even better!"
Anita & Ben jackman
Parents of five children
Fereni's workmates were shocked why she was asking when their next payday was. Her workmates said they hang out for payday (living paycheck to paycheck). Fereni explained she knows all her expenses are covered and automated with a Spending Plan. Her finances are now a silent partner, no longer the loud stressful partner. She love the peace of mind a Spending Plan has brought her family.
Fereni Matila
No More Financial Stress
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