8 Week Spending Plan Group Course

Spending Plan Course inclusions

 You have made the right decision to learn more about the 8 Week Spending Plan Group Course.

This course is the MOST POPULAR service we offer! 

Previously to 2021, Sherri only did 1:1 coaching which she did for 5 years.

Due to high demand, transitioning to a GROUP COURSE has proven a great move for both the students and Sherri.

Group coaching adds more benefits than you can get from just 1:1 coaching, even though there is some 1:1 coaching included in the 8 Week Group Course.

The main benefit is you have others to learn from, ask the questions you are thinking or haven’t thought of yet, be inspired and motivated by others, and especially celebrate your financial win$ with.  

Who doesn’t need a team of cheerleaders supporting you to achieve  your financial goals?

Topics Covered

  • Effective Bank Account Structure
  • LIFE Essential Expenses ONLY
  • Plug the Leakes in your Spending
  • STOP the Debt Cycle & Save
  • Life STYLE Expenses
  • See Your Perfect Spending Year
  • Automate Your Finances
  • Live Your Spending Plan
  • Accountability and Support

Course Outcomes


  • Know your money truth
  • 100% financial clarity
  • 100% honest to yourself and others
  • Protect your money from YOU!
  • Create a Spending Plan
  • Prioritize your spending
  • Automate your bills
  • Eliminate consumer debt
  • Plan for the unexpected expenses
  • Plan for long term expenses (replacements)
  • Live your plan with accountability
  • Unify relationships
  • Achieve Financial Peace
  • Become a Happy Spender

Course Schedule

  • October 5th 
  • November 3rd
  • 2023:  January 4th
  • February 2nd
  • March 1st
  • 1st Wednesday of each month
Become a Happy Spender: ---> PLANS > SAVES > HAPPILY SPENDS

• Do you feel that your finances could improve, but your current budgeting system (or lack of) is stopping you from achieving your financial goals?

• Are you living paycheck to paycheck with little or no savings and debt?

• Do you feel frustrated with traditional budgeting (restricting & time consuing record keeping)?

• Do you need to improve your mindset around your money and spending?

• Would you like to learn a true money mindset and proven tools that will eliminate your money stress?

• Are you good with money, yet just want to do even better?

• Are you curious how others achieve financial peace?

When our family of seven found the Spending Planner system 20 years ago it dramatically changed our financial life from money stress to money success and financial peace of mind.

Traditional budgeting lacks vital information – timing or cashflow of your income and expenses.  A Spending Plan includes timing or cashflow which makes all the difference!  No more guessing if you can pay all your bills and expenses (plannned & unexpected).  Have a 100% financial clarity with a Spending Plan where you will KNOW all your expenses will be paid for the next 12 months.

You too can enjoy financial peace with a Spending Plan!

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