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Are you curious what I (Spending Planner) do and how I can assist you to better assist those you serve?

Are you an accountant, mortgage broker, financial advisor, financial planner, or life/business coach?

** Mortgage Brokers – Remember, there is GOLD in the information your clients painstakingly gather for their home loan application.  Yet, after the loan is approved, all the information that took them hours to dig up usually goes in the bin.  I can help your clients take this vital information to create a Spending Plan and give them 100% clarity they can easily pay off their loan quicker, plus all the other six types of expenses they need to plan for.  A Spending Plan will result in your clients to return sooner for another loan or investment property.  Recommending my services will also show your client you ‘genuinely care’ about their financial peace of mind now, and in the long term of their loan. 

I am an EXPERT in day-to-day money management YOU need on YOUR business team.

I teach financial literacy, proven tools, support, and vital accountability in creating a Spending Plan for both their personal and business life.

I invite you to schedule a 1:1 collaborating session to discuss the potential synergy our businesses may have.

Prior to the session/appointment and in preparation, please take the time 1st to learn what a Spending Planner does.
Watch the short videos below, so our session can focus on potential collaborations, hence being time effective.

A Spending Plan is the Answer

Traditional budgeting is broken.  They lack vital information that a Spending Plan includes.  It’s literally about time!  No more living paycheck to paycheck, as you can plan your perfect spending year easily.  Financial peace is achieved quickly and easily.  Go from money stress to money success with a proven Spending Plan.

Why You Need a Spending Planner

We all have heard about accountants, financial counsellors, financial advisors & planners, but a Spending Planner on your team is the foundational financial team members you need on your life team of mentors.  We support and make the other financial experts job easier because you come with a workable plan for your spending.  A plan that is easy to know your money truth and be honest in living it.

Budget VS Spending Plan

(Watch at least the first 6 minutes and 40 seconds)

Learn the vital difference between a traditional Budget vs Spending Plan.  (1st 7 minutes).  Also, follow two families who have the same expenses, yet one has a broken budget (lacks vital information) and one with a proven Spending Plan.

** Reminder to watch the videos above BEFORE our collaboration session.  Time is money!

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