Privacy Policy

A a Spending Planner and member of the Spending Planner’s Institute, I have a firm commitment to respecting and protecting people’s privacy.  The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices of my service to my clients.

Any information provided by clients will be treated with the utmost of respect for privacy and confidentiality.  People’s personal information will not be revealed to any person outside this business unless for the express purpose of providing the service to a client and not without the client’s knowledge and approval.

Personal information will not be sold, rented, given away or shared with anyone not involved in delivering any information, educaton, goods or services as part of the everyday running of my Spending Planner business.

Client information stored in the Spending Planner software is encrypted and secured by SSL certification.  No important private personal information such as Credit Card details are stored online.

If you have any questions about the privacy statement, the practices of this Spending Planner Service or your dealings with this Spending Planner you can contact us by email – [email protected]

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