Sherri Dumbrell

Certified Spending Planner

I am a Certified Spending Planner. I am passionate about helping others eliminate money stress, give every hard earned dollar a job and save for your really wants.  I have helped many families take control of their finances and enjoy life more.

My husband Greg and I raised five children on one income.  I have used the Spending Planner system since 2003.  I love the many benefits of our Spending Plan and most of all the financial peace of mind it brings.  

As a stay at home mother,  I learned how to make the money go further.  With 30 years experience managing our personal finances I learned many great skills and money truths.  I was able to visit my family in the USA regularly because we had a Spending Plan.  Our focus was on reducing our expenses as we had control of that.   We focused our spending on paying minimal on our basic expenses so we could use the remainder of our money on what we really wanted.  I am passionate about helping others enjoy the benefits of having a Spending Plan too!

I am a genuine happy spender. 

I don’t have buyers remorse because I


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Our Mission

Our business mission is to strengthen families to become financially self-reliant and achieve their financial goals.  


We don’t just give you a fish for a day, we teach you HOW to fish.

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