Guest Appearances

Aside from hosting my own weekly Essential Money Talks – Facebook LIVE –  I also do some guesting with other entrepreneurs and podcasters in their own programs! 

If you would like to interview or book Sherri – Speaker Bio

Sally Jess

Founder and Managing Director at The Stylish Home Decorator by Sally Jess

Ten Thousand Dreams

Terri Munn


Results Strategist at Terri Adams-Munn – Ten Thousand Dreams 
Helping small business owners define their Dream Life & supporting through the change to create that”


How to Turn Your Money Stress into Money Success

Michelle Bloom

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Proactive Wealth & Essential Planner
Founder, Director, CEO at Michelle Bloom-The Money Mentor

Fostering Extraordinary Mums

Samantha Campbell

CEO & Founder at Samantha Campbell Coaching

Money Talk Healthy Lifestyle Hub

Christina Maningo

Owner and Founder at My Wellness by Christina Maningo

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Empowered Parenting - Kids N' Money

Yolanda Alvares

Empowered Parenting Guide & Mentor at Empowered Parenting w/Yolanda Alvares
“My earliest memories of my chaotic life have been of me waking up each morning completely “exhausted”, that’s right feeling exhausted just thinking of my day ahead of me. And the mental chatter in my head through the night left me feeling exhausted.”


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Handle Your Health Costs

Belinda Chapman

Hypnotherapist at Belinda Chapman – Bekinda to Yourself Therapies
“My passion for supporting people to be the best version of themselves was ignited by my first leadership role nearly 15 years ago and has only grown since then – fuelled along by my coaching, facilitation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy experiences. My proudest and most inspiring moments are facilitating transformations and witnessing people glowing with insight, beaming with excitement or simply being serene with calm.”  

Bx xCite Presentation

Bx – Business Networking Reimagined – Chermside

Bx is the fastest growing business networking, with groups across the Australia, New Zealand and the US, plus our Global Online Events.

How to Avoid Money Stress

Nicky Manego

Womens’ Life Coach – Speaker – Performing Arts Adjudicator
“I’m a Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur with a passion to support others to experience success in all areas of their lives. Like many women, I have reinvented myself many times over the years with a myriad of personal and professional pathways pursued along the way.”

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Womens Health with Karna Dee Keats

Karna Dee Keats

Chief Executive Officer at KK Holistics
“My passion is to educate all women (but particularly perimenopausal women) on natural solutions to ongoing wellness, especially in regards to sleeping patterns and soothing discomfort areas by offering many alternative modalities. My particular area of expertise is in dealing with restless, or fidgety legs. I am a trained nurse, Certified essential oil specialist, Aromatherapist Diploma and Certified hypnotherapist.”

#Tuesday Chats with Ali Sugars

Ali Sugars

Business empowerment Coach
“If you’re anything like me, when you began working for yourself, you didn’t realise just how much you would need to work on your mindset to be able to keep up the continual pace required. Not to mention the fact that to run a business means the most VISIBLE & attractive part of your business is YOU.

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Business Leader Spotlight

Lucia Peters

Founder, Director, CEO at Global Business Academy

Click HERE to go to here website.

Podcaster - Darren Paul

Darren Saul

Social Media Strategist & Coach/Podcaster & Coach/Photographer & Tutor/IT Recruiter
“I believe that we are in a serious period of quality candidate shortage and that will only continue to progress in years to come. It’s becoming increasingly more crucial to partner with a specialist that supplements traditional recruitment methods by proactively building extensive niche candidate networks and leveraging from candidate referral programs. These are fundamental parts of my recruitment strategy and daily activities!”

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Bx xCite Presentation

Bx Networking – North Lakes QLD

Bx is the fastest growing business networking, with groups across the Australia, New Zealand and the US, plus our Global Online Events.

How to Manage Cashflow Abundantly

Rhona Pelluchon

Founder, Director, CEO at Rhona with Simple Living Solutions
“Rhona is the founder and owner of “Simple Living Solutions” along with being a successful home business owner, mentor, and transformational coach.”

Why Budgeting Doesn't Work

Karen O’Connor

Owner, The Menopause, Marriage, Motherhood
Menopause is often seen as something that a woman should keep to her self, her own private secret. More recently, it has been talked about openly but there it still largely considered a taboo topic and women continue to suffer in silence.”

Managing Your Money Spending Habit

Leanna Shelton

Content Marketing for Health and Wellness | Copywriting | Training | Podcast Host of ‘Marketing & Me’
“A Sydney girl all my life, my career experience includes journalism, marketing, internal communications, events, and B2B sales in corporate, government, and not-for-profit roles.”

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Creating a Spending Plan

Jeff Kikel

“Hi, my name is Jeff Kikel. I am an entrepreneur, author, speaker and coffee lover.”

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The Trick to Money is to Have Some

Justin Paul

Consultant at Infinite Energy Solar


Bx xCite Presentation

Bx – Networking

Bx is the fastest growing business networking, with groups across the Australia, New Zealand and the US, plus our Global Online Events.

Living life on your own term

Kerryn Powell

With the end of the financial year approaching, interest rates changing and government providing financial to many, we cannot help but ponder what that will mean for the individual, family or business.

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