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"Absolutely awesome experience completing the 8 week course, meeting like minded individuals who want to have more financial knowledge! Also great obtaining some new software to help predict long-term how to save/spend for my future goals and not 'misbehave' with my own hard earned money! Knowledge is 'essential' and Sherri is lovely! Such a great financial coach and the planner does all the hard work for me so my brain doesn't have to, much easier to use than excel and calculating the unexpected for a rainy day! Thanks sherri and spending planner! Cheers!"
Allison Belinda Welch
"I would totally recommend you speaking with Sherri about creating your own Spending Plan. At first I was a little nervous and uncomfortable in letting someone into our financial matters but after going through it with Sherri, it showed me a way better way than I had been doing previously. It showed me we would have money to pay all our bills with no stress for the next 12 months."
Josh White
Money Stress to Peace
"We were managing (more or less) but were living pay to pay & were never prepared for unexpected expenses.....and besides the essentials, everything was unexpected!! Now we're able to predict what's coming up & know that we're covered. Sherri has helped us change our money mindset & organise our finances in a proven way that removes all of the stress that normal budgeting brings."
Siahn & Richard mcqualter
Peace of Mind
"The Spending Planner Program makes sense to me and I wish I had been able to have it in my life years ago. I believe that I would not be in the predicament I am in now if I had the knowledge that I have now. Thank you, Sherri. I highly recommend having a Spending Plan."
Danielle Weeks-Beaumont
Better Late Than Never
"I have used the Spending Planner software and love it! It shows you how much will be in your bank account on any day in the future, it is like having a crystal ball and then a GPS of how to follow your plan. We were able to see on what day in the future we will have saved our deposit for a house. I also love that it focuses on the future and not your past transactions. Your financial stress will be eliminated and quite quickly with a proven spending plan. Sherri works one-on-one with you to organise your finances and hold you accountable to your plan. She also mentors you on improving your money mindset to make better spending choices. Sherri goes over and beyond so you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend 'Essential Spending Planner' to take the stress out of your finances."
Lauren Del Valle
Financially Organized
"Sherri worked with us for a whole year and because of her guidance we set up a great routine to look after our finance. We learned how to manage money and make every $ count. Highly recommend Sherri and her skills. Doing her Spending Plan course impacted our life positively."
Aggy & Tibor Oszlanczi
Business Owners
"Sherri's 8wk Spending Plan to Financial Peace course has been the best gift I gave myself in 2022. Its been easy to follow, I've learnt so much about managing my finances for optimal financial gain and wealth building. Sherri has been there every step of the way with an abundance of support, expert knowledge and experience, and has effortlessly guided me to financial peace. I know where every dollar is being spent, and accounted for, she has supported me to reduce financial waste and I have full control over my finances. This support couldn't have come at a better time, as I go through big life changes, I have had nothing but confidence and total peace of mind over my finances through a very stressful time. Sherri is an amazing mentor and support, she has personally kept in touch with me via phone calls, zoom, messenger on a weekly and sometimes daily basis to ensure I fully understand and can operate my spending plan to its fullest potential, giving me expert advice on areas where it can be of great financial benefit to me. I have chosen to continue with Sherri's expert support in continuing financial peace into my future."
Life Coach
"I’ve searched for other ways to do this and have not found one easier than the spending planner! I love planning! For once, I found a way to actually plan how to use my finances properly. I cannot tell you how freeing it is to know that I don’t have to sit and think whether I can afford something or not. Also, it’s nice that my husband can see the figures for himself in a simple and easy way that makes sense to him. My spreadsheet versions were too complicated and I couldn’t explain them very well. Having the accountability by someone who is reliable and trustworthy and will not judge you on your poor finance choices is an essential part of getting me back on track to spend where it really counts. I needed the mindset change which was reinforced by mentoring sessions with Sherri."
Shanna Rose
Excel Expert
"Having gone through our usual financial 'black hole' time of Christmas and Back-to-school, it was fantastic to know that money was allocated already in our bills account and I didn't need to worry about where it was going to come from. It was so much less stressful this year due to having a SPENDING PLAN. We learned new things to add for the next year to make that time even better!"
Anita & Ben jackman
Parents of five children
"I found managing the family 'budget' to be highly stressful. With Sherri's amazing and comprehensive training, I learned the difference between a plan and a budget. I learned that a spending plan was easy to implement and allows me to not worry about the future. I learned ways to approach my finances when the unexpected happened or, to prepare for the future. I learned that I can't really trust a budget but I can 100% count on a predictable plan. I'm so grateful to have this tool to see into the future with such great accuracy."
Barbara Clifford
Time Tamer
"Sherri has changed my life!!! It may sound so simple but my stress level has gone down, my relationship with my husband has improved drastically. She is my lifesaver! No more ignoring my money issues out of fear and yes no more credit card debt!"
Karen Foote
Psychologist/Life Coach
"We have been worked with Sherri and it has been amazing. She is a great mentor who has helped us get our finances organised and our mindset in a positive state. All of this has allowed us to stress less about money and all that comes with it. We have our finances organised in a way that provides us security and freedom. We love our spending plan and spending planner!
Tamara & Andre Dos Santos
Financial Security
I received mentoring with Sherri and have LOVED it! Sherri taught me all that I needed to know to be able to track and manage our finances, and helped me get it all set up— just in time for me to NOT have to worry about it during a medical crisis with my family! What peace of mind!
kari Smedley
Just in Time
"Before my time with Sherri, I never understood my accounts, I would spend money that I thought we had but we didn't and I left finances up to my husband. I love working with my husband now to do the finances. We sit together every week and do our finances using the Spending Plan that Sherri offers. It takes just minutes to monitor our finances now which is great! If we ever need help, Sherri is there with a smile to help us. Sherri is amazing and very easy to talk to. She is very relatable and is down to earth. Don't know what my 'finance life' would be like without her."
katelyn White
Financially Engaged
"I am highly satisfied with the Spending Plan Program. I find it reliable, high quality, useful, unique, and good value for money. The benefits of my spending plan are knowing that we have money for future expenses, loans, and savings. The future saving for holidays is possible and the “how to”. No second-guessing what amount of money we have to pay unexpected expenses. Peace of mind. Having control of money. Going on our dream holiday to Malta just 18-months after creating and living our spending plan. Having Sherri as our supporter, motivator, and valuable accountability partner has made all the difference."
Tepepe & Paul Borg
Dreams Come True
"At first I was very skeptical and only did our first session to keep the wife happy LOL. Low and behold, I saw the benefits straight away. Imagining in my head, “YES stress free, no more calculating and estimating bills, no more chasing my tail by robbing Peter to pay Paul.” We are 5 weeks in so far and am enjoying the journey. We have created our plan and are now enjoying the benefits of living our plan. Key benefit of going on this journey with Sherri is, she is always available via Messenger if you have any questions. Very family orientated and judge free. Thanks Sherri, you Rock!"
John Wano
Skeptic to Convert
"My husband and I have been working with Sherri for about two months now. In that short time, we have gained so much! She has given us the knowledge to manage our money in the best ways possible. This program not only teaches you financial literacy, but it changes your mindset on a permanent level. Sherri makes the process so simple and works with you every step of the way! She is consistent and on top of what she is doing. She knows so much and shares her knowledge in the best ways. She has helped us get on a financial path that is going to establish our future. We are forever grateful for her and this program. Having a Spending Plan is more than worth it!"
Chelsey & BJ
Fereni's workmates were shocked why she was asking when their next payday was. Her workmates said they hang out for payday (living paycheck to paycheck). Fereni explained she knows all her expenses are covered and automated with a Spending Plan. Her finances are now a silent partner, no longer the loud stressful partner. She love the peace of mind a Spending Plan has brought her family.
Fereni Matila
No More Financial Stress
Before working with Sherri I had always seen myself as very good at managing my personal finances, and I was the queen of budgeting and spreadsheets. Yet there was something missing which the Spending Plan provides: complete clarity as to when exactly things are due and the ability to plan ahead clearly knowing you are always in the green. Sherri was so supportive and positive through the process of setting up my Spending Plan and helped me completely change my mindset. The stress and anxiety with regards to money are gone, as well as the spreadsheets! I now know I always have enough and I can see it clearly in my Spending Plan! Thank you Sherri for your support.
Sofie Nyman Fanning
"The Spending Planner program is so much more then what I could have imagined, it's mind set, it's being more conscious, it's steps that help, it's taking that few minutes to listen to a podcast, it's Sherri holding my hand til I can walk alone the ultimate end game of taking full control of our MONEY. I'm truly thankful for my spending plan and super grateful to have Sherri as my mentor."
Trey Smith
Mindset Changing
"Sherri has been helping my family get back on track by looking forward as we fell into a trap of debt and couldn't see a way out. I wish I had a Spending Plan years ago. Every family should be using the look forward mindset, as it would save a lot of financial heartache.
Scott Lammi
Looking Forward
"I am feeling more informed, empowered and hopeful about my financial future than ever before. My first meeting with Sherri brought 100% clarity of my financial health and 'It's Gonna Be OK'. I know I still have a bit to learn and apply but with Sherri’s support and understanding, I am on my way."
Debbie Robinson
Financial Clarity
Our Spending Plan helps us feel financial peace of mind. Sherri, as our Spending Planner is there for you when you need her. I am so glad that I did this program with her. I have been using the planner for awhile now. I still love the peace of mind that I get from the program. I also love that I can talk to Sherri if there is something I need help with. Everyone should do this program!
Paula Winchell
Great Support
"Aside from using the spending planner for my personal expenses, I find the benefit great also for my business. I own a painting business. We had issues at times where our Bank Activity Statement was due, but the funds weren’t available to pay it. The TIMING was the problem. We had a profit overall, but did not always have money in the account when the bills were due. The spending plan software solves this problem. FINALLY! I can now see exactly what day there may be a cash-flow problem. This allows me to have enough time to negotiate with our clients, or retailers, or whatever else necessary to be able to keep things moving."
Matthew Rose
Business owner, Painter
"I am half way through the course with Sherri and am loving it! Sherri is fantastic and supportive and I am feeling confident with knowing where our money is. I do find the different ways to engage a little confusing - however this may be down to me, as I am very busy and am fitting this course in as I can. I will come back and add another review when I have completed the course."
Jacqui Owen
Life & Business Coach
"When I first came across Sherri’s Spending Plan I loved it. I told my hubby and he pretty much shut it down because he didn’t understand ‘why anyone would pay someone to help you save money’. Anyway, months went by and Sherri and I crossed paths again and we spoke about having a Spending Plan. I asked hubby again, and this time he was willing to give it a go (he was quite skeptical although at first). During our free online demo session of the Spending Plan system, Sherri explained it to my husband and he fell in love with it right away! I knew he would love it!! Once you are set up, I love that you need not worry each payday about whether you have enough to pay for this bill or that expense. It’s all taken care of in this program and everything that is a necessity is accounted for without stress. It does require you to initially input your forward planning expenses into the program, yet once you do - it works everything out for you. You see your next 12 months expenses and KNOW you can easily pay them and HOW to pay them."
Tina Wano
Influenced Husband
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