Essential Money Talks

It is ESSENTIAL to TALK about MONEY.  These live webinars do just that.  We talk about money and show how it can be a fun topic with a Spending Plan.

Learn what the difference between a traditional budget (broken, lacks vital information) and a proven Spending Plan.

Hear from others who now have financial peace because they first were curious about learning a better way to manage their money.

Be enlightened and inspired.

A Spending Plan really works and works very fast to bring financial peace!

Episode 1 - Siahn McQualter

A Happy Spender

Listen to Siahn McQualter story from money stress to money success with a Spending Plan

Episode 2 - Paula Thompson Winchell

A Happy Spender

Paula created a Spending Plan back in 2017 and loves the benefits! She will be sharing her story and I know will inspire others to be curious at this innovative and proven way to manage your money.

It blows away traditional budgeting methods, including Excel spreadsheets. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW!

Hence I am passionate about sharing the good news of a Spending Plan I have been using since 2003, yes almost 20 years!!

Those who are great with money already will become amazing because a Spending Plan tells the full truth other budgeting systems don’t have the capability to.

Episode 3 - Your Story

What are your Money Pitfalls?

Episode 4 - My Financial Story

We all have a financial story.  Come listen to MY STORY of financial mindset creation, money stress to financial success and peace.

Episode 5 - Sarah Kirk

A Happy Spender

Come listen to the Kirk’s, who are NOW happy spenders, after creating a Spending Plan in 2019.

Episode 6 - Chelsey Casimir and BJ Medford

Happy Spenders

Today I had the pleasure to interview Chelsey Casimir (your cousin, daughter of Craig) her partner BJ and their girls.

The started their Spending Plan in January 2019 before the world changed, yet there financial world changed the most!  So proud of them and now enjoying financial freedom because of their Spending Plan!

I highly recommend listening to their inspiring (gives me goosebumps) money story.

Episode 7 - Be Prepared

There are no unexpected things in life if you prepare and have a plan.

Episode 8 - Kirralee Parsons

A Happy Spender

Kirralee’s Spending Plan journey is inspiring and her happy personality is infectious!

Episode 9 - Thinking Long Term

Become a seed planter and think long term.

Episode 10 - a Tour of my free INTRO Spending Plan Course

Request access to my Intro: A Spending Plan To Financial Peace online course.

Episode 11 - Sandi Kauwhata

A Happy Spender

Interviewing a now HAPPY SPENDER Sandi Kauwhata who just completed the 8 Week Group Spending Plan Course.

Episode 12 - Time and Money, Friends and Foes

Time and money can either be your friend of foe.

Episode 13 - New Beginnings

Everyday is a NEW BEGINNING.  Embrace a fresh start and plan a great future.

Episode 14 - 6 Expense Types

Come learn the six ways you spend your money and how to have a plan for each of them.

Episode 15 - Allison Welch

A  Happy Spender

Listen to Allison’s story that will inspire you to do hard things and the wonderful results

Episode 16 - Kids n' Money

Teach your kids about money.  

If you don’t, the school are not, yet consumerism will.  Learn what and how you need to teach your children about money before they leave home.  Teach #17 money truths before they are 18 years old.

Episode 17 - What is FOMO and how it is affecting your finances

What is FOMO and how it is affecting your finances.

Episode 18 - Barbara Clifford

A Happy Spender

Interviewing another one of my HAPPY SPENDERS who loves the clarity and financial peace of her Spending Plan.

Episode 19 - Consumer Debt

Are you in bondage due to consumer debt?

Becoming debt-free with a Spending Plan can be quick.

Episode 20 - Kris Chand

A Financial Advisor

Come learn how you can benefit from seeing a financial advisor.  Think long term for long term financial peace!

Episode 21 - Sherri's 'really' want is and HOW she achieved it.

The Essential Spending Planner

Listen to hear what Sherri’s ‘really’ want is and HOW she achieved it.

Episode 22 - Sandwich Culture

The Eessential Spending Planner

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  • Know your money truth
  • 100% financial clarity
  • 100% honest to yourself and others
  • Protect your money from YOU!
  • Create a Spending Plan
  • Prioritize your spending
  • Automate your bills
  • Eliminate consumer debt
  • Plan for the unexpected expenses
  • Plan for long term expenses (replacements)
  • Live your plan with accountability
  • Unify relationships
  • Achieve Financial Peace
  • Become a Happy Spender
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